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"We went to, uh, Tijuana, Mexico, you know, and we-we-we thought it would be fun, you know, to go to this show. Until she went down on this guy in an Escalade, I think. I spent the last two years of my life regretting it.""Oh, 'cause she's dating this pot dealer.

Everyone's, 'You gotta check out one of these shows. We get there, and, you know, we think it's gonna be awesome and it is not a cool as it sounds like it would be, man. And, you know, instead of, like, saying: 'Okay, what am I doing that caused this behavior?

A minister conducting a wedding ceremony comments, "For God's sake, consummate the thing! Female anatomy is discussed (and shown via a medical mold) in detail, as is homosexuality (including a barrage of "You wanna know how I know you're gay? Teens brag about penis size and sexual abilities, while their parents either urge them on or laugh.

" During an argument with her daughter, Trish threatens to start taking the family to church again if the girl doesn't shape up. Extreme to the point of rendering superlatives meaningless. One father asks a counselor how he can get his wife to do some of the things he's seen his son's sexual partners do. Planned Parenthood-style sex ed is said to have "never hurt anybody." shows two men fighting.

What made ) by subverting expectation from the underdog’s point of view.

Apatow dialed down the masculine behavior and focused more on the awkwardness of male bonding and sexual relationships, plus the real human emotions that provide the underpinning of both.

Though he all too often follows the continuous, unsolicited misguidance of his friends, Andy eventually realizes that he's pretty much, half-heartedly, OK with being a virgin.

That’s not to say that Judd was above going blue to elicit laughs.

Steve Carrell’s Andy strutting around his Mystery Science Theater-garnished apartment with morning wood (during the opening credits, for Christ’s sake! Also, in a lesser director’s hands, a protracted chest-waxing scene could’ve been cringeworthy, but Apatow’s extreme close-up reaction shots of Carrell (whose real chest hair was being forcibly wrenched) allowed us to laugh at his pain and not feel mean-spirited.

David recalls feeling as if he and an ex-flame were "one spirit" while having sex. From the opening scene of Andy getting out of bed in his underwear—with an erection���not a minute goes by in which sex doesn't dominate. A video game played by David and Cal features a character splitting the torso of an opponent and ripping the head off of another.

Andy twice has major wipeouts while riding his bike.