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I should like to thank particularly Professor Paul Salkovskis from the Institute of Psychiatry in London for helping us today - it is vital that sufferers from OCD avail themselves of the kind of high level scientific expertise that Paul provides and I hope you can support his vital research at his world class unit.I should also like to thank the folk behind the scenes.Please stay in touch with the 'All in the Mind' series via the website and the email address of the programme.For example, let us know what items you want covered in future series - the next one is broadcast from the end of Februrary 2005.

My deep gratitude also goes to Maire Devine, the producer, and Jo Coombs, researcher of All in the Mind plus Rebecca Asher our editor, all of whose tireless endeavours make me vaguely broadcastable.She straight-up tells him that she’s bugged enough by this to want to give him back the Rose, and this is where Nick perks up and looks terrified, saying he hopes she doesn’t do that.He feels awful about how she feels about his actions, and says he needs someone like her to slap him around and give him wake-up calls.Elle est née de la chaîne Festival qui lui a laissé la place en 2005.Avec une large offre de programmes d’animation en journée, France 4 s’adresse au jeune public avec des dessins animés Zouzous et Ludo divertissants et instructifs.