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How do you go to sleep at night knowing that at any minute the wife can find out and toucan help ruin the family?

This guy is the one to blame if you wot be with him someone else will. I'd hemleavws his wife that's one thing, then i wish yourhr best, but until that day comes have a little more self respect and leave him alone Well I'm ashamed to say that I was in a similiar situation as you.

Even as a child, while others were reading "Pat The Bunny" I was reading "Will Heavy Petting Ruin My Reputation?

" Ann Landers answered urgent questions I didn't even know I had.

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Divorced men have more baggage than never-married men.Because marriage is such a serious commitment, ex-wives tend to have more power than ex-girlfriends, even after the marriage ends.If they had kids together, she will always be in the picture, feel protective toward her kids, and feel she has certain privileges with him due to having had his children. He satisfies your needs—at least one or two of them—until he’s forced to leave skid marks in your doorway to get home to “them.” In his eyes, you’re perfect. He places you on a pedestal so high you can touch cloud nine.