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Dramatic character changes like this could have been handled very badly and seemed forced and awkward, but Joss Whedon and his creative team pulled all of this off in such a way that it didn’t feel awkward at all. Willow and Tara are charming as a teenage lesbian couple.Xander and Anya (who were social misfits on their own) actually seem to function well as a couple.While the first season was a short 12 episodes, it earned good ratings in an as-yet-untapped market, and Sarah Michelle became a fast star, also coming out with a major role in I Know What You Did Last Summer that year.During the show's run, Sarah Michelle covered magazines, hosted Saturday Night Live, and appeared in several big movies like Cruel Intentions and — quite appropriately — Scooby-Doo (since Buffy and her friends refer to themselves several times as the Scooby Gang or Scoobies on the show). in 2000, and the two went on to tie the knot in 2002.Last week, Brendon was arrested for the third time in five months, after allegedly causing a disturbance at a hotel in Tallahassee, Florida, where he was due to appear as a guest at a sci-fi convention.

See more » In nearly every episode presented in widescreen, there is crew/equipment visible and/or revealing mistakes.When officers arrived they saw Brendon had flipped his bed and over-flowed the toilet in his room.He had done other things to himself suggesting he wasn't of right mind." The star was arrested for similar incidents on February 16 this year, and in October 2014.Spike is transformed from being a blood-sucking killer of humans into a vampire who’s incapable of biting (or even hitting) humans.And although it sounds cliché, Willow (who had seemed to be very heterosexual in seasons 1-3) transitions into a lesbian relationship during her first year in college.