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We never expected to be treated with such disregard, yet here we are. That’s really what kept us going: the belief that our community thought our studio is, and still can be, a special place.

Summers are usually our “golden time” where we have the honor of teaching and exploring art with your children at our amazing art camps. Also, we’ve had to cancel birthday parties and disappoint many children in the process. We have had several hardcore discussions about what to do next. Even if we temporarily transition to being a mobile business.

As some of you may have guessed by the notes on the studio door, our business has been devastated due a lockout by our landlord. If you have ever owned a retail business, we're sure you can sympathize with the Austin market.

We have attempted to negotiate ongoing lease and property disputes.

If your parents are divorced and claim you as a dependent in alternate tax years, you must submit a copy of their divorce decree and a notarized letter stating that the custodial parent is a Texas resident, if applicable.

The Student Services Information Call Center is also the first point of contact for Admissions and Records, Student Accounting, Financial Aid, Distance Learning, registration, and 1098t related questions.

All Emler locations are open and regularly scheduled classes will be held on July 3rd and 4th. Posted Date: June 30, 2017 Austin Westlake Summer 2017 Drop In Make Up Lessons Drop-in make up classes for Summer 2017 begin June 12th and are offered each week at the following times. Our deck manager will work one-on-one with them to ensure that they meet the goals of the course with the other students by the time the semester ends.

You will update your residency information and mailing address whenever you return to ACC after being gone for one year.

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Historically, victim services have been segregated by the type of violence perpetrated or the age of the victim. Governmental regulations and funding have been constructed over the years based on these silos, further fragmenting service delivery systems and complicating our efforts to create a more seamless process.You also should resubmit the information any time you believe your status has changed.Most official student forms require a signature, so they must be printed and signed before processing.This South Austin location includes the Ultra Violet System (UV System) that provides the latest technology in killing microorganisms and bacteria in swimming pool water without strong chemicals.This top-of-the-line, cutting-edge UV system - along with the gentle salt chlorine generator - are used at all Emler swimming pools to keep our water pristine and safe for all swimmers.