Bank of america not updating in mint

To work, the programs need access to a user's account at each institution.

It's a drain on the lenders' networks as the number of startups offering these services has increased.

makes money by selling online advertising to their users.

By having algorithms go through your financial data, they are able to present to their user offers that may interest them.

According to a person at one of the banks, the access also raises security concerns because the apps aren't required to adhere to the same standards as financial institutions.

Several small business owners told Business Insider that they had trouble accessing the data through Quicken, during a period in late October.

For the last couple of days One Step Update results in an error of OL-292-B for my wife's credit card only. I have deactivated and tried to activate again with "Bank of America Credit Card" but with no success.

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Both accounts have direct connect as the connection method.Mint also automatically syncs with your Bank of America account every time you log in.An avid technology enthusiast, Steve Gregory has been writing professionally since 2002.The issue with is that as useful of a site as it is, it is completely dependent on the cooperation of banks and credit card companies in allowing the site to API into their database and download the appropriate information.The website was a great achievement, giving users the opportunity to have an aggregated view of all of their finances without having to bank only at one institution.

Bank of america not updating in mint