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But hordes of girls and transgender “lady boys” are taking cash for sex right under cops’ noses.

And the sex workers refuse to give it up - as they earn so much money.

She is charged with four counts of having an improper relationship between an educator and a student and had multiple trysts with two of the students, court records claim.

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She “advised she recently became a heavy drinker and would sometimes not remember the details of the sexual encounters with the students,” the affidavit alleges.According to Philippine National Police Chief Alan Purisima, the syndicates had created provocative, alluring and entirely fictitious social media accounts to entice unwitting victims into live cybersex activities.The criminal groups would then secretly record the footage, before threatening to expose the victims to their friends and families unless they handed over between US0 and US,000.Sanjay Virmani, director the Interpol Digital Crime Centre based in Singapore, said the victims were from Asia, Europe and the United States.He said that the extortionists had been tracked down using evidence from computers and intelligence from police.