Bradley cooper denies dating jennifer lawrence

You don't get to be the "It Girl" without people taking notice and other celebs seem to genuinely like her.

A few stars even tweeted support before and after she won the best actress Oscar.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has been named the most desirable woman by a men's online magazine poll.

The "Hunger Games" star soars from her last year's forty- seven position to the top spot as the most desirable woman in the world by Ask Men magazine, reported a website.

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Jennifer Lawrence has endeared herself to millions for her refreshingly down-to-earth personality, whether she's making bubbly talk-show appearances or speaking her mind at conventions.

Bradley flew Suki over from London to Boston and he took her on a tour of the city.

Then, he flew to Paris to see her the moment he had a break in filming.

In fact, she's is backing Jen Law all the way to the podium this time round...

TOP 10 OSCAR NOMINATIONSIn an interview with The Metro, the French beauty confessed to having a pretty big girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, dubbing her a "prodigy" as she did so:"I'm totally in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She's 22, it's insane."But Marion was also quick to heap praise upon Naomi Watts, who is also up for Best Actress thanks to her role in heartwrenching film The Impossible:"Naomi Watts in The Impossible [was my performance of the year]. I didn't know anything about the movie except it was about the tsunami.