Brown dating

“When your girlfriend is an artist, so you pretend to art for a day just for her, alongside a glowing photo of herself with a pretty brunette." Yup, girlfriend. Both halves of the couple announced their relationship status on their respective profile pages, leaving no doubt that this is the real thing.

She even took to Twitter for the social media trifecta, identifying her by name: “Shoutout to Audrey Kriss for literally changing my life." Kriss, 21, a fellow student of the Sister Wives star at Utah's Westminster College, showed Mariah "that who I am is perfectly okay.” It's great to see Mariah so happy now.

In early 2017, it was Mariah’s turn to deliver a shocker, coming out of the closet even as she admitted being gay was her biggest fear once. “No one thought that Mariah coming out as gay was going to be the announcement," a family source said of her now-famous sit-down.Although, we’d like to know if Breezy and Quavo ever crossed paths.And if they did, did they have that big brother/little brother talk or did they just act as if the other didn’t exist?So, Chris Brown and Migos rapper Quavo hit the ATL party scene this week after “The Party Tour.” As you know, Breezy said he felt betrayed by Quavo after rumors leaked that he’s dating his ex-girlfriend Karrueche.Find out what went down, plus see Chris get served with Kae's restraining order inside…