Building dating site joomla

If you would have to develop such a component yourself, then it would cost you more than that component.

Most important is that you can work with an open source product that you can (let) adapt to suit your needs.

If you are not sure about this, leave it as it is and click "Next."Choose a theme for your network and customize it. You can alter the color, text color, font and other details of your website on this page. You can now begin to recruit members and let people interact.

Maybe you could use a 3rd party extension from the Joomla Extensions Directory,category Personal Life: ... Joomla Date (Commercial Extension for Joomla 1.0 Native) ...

Please tell me how I can build a social networking & dating website using Joomla please also tell me available and free extensions of Joomla for these websites and any Joomla templates resources.

I have searched so much on internet and did not get any appropriate and relevant answers.

Unfortunately the true days of free have gone there is catches Hello guys, I am the developer of Joomla Date, so I will just add on this conversation, to give you the developer’s perspective.

Joomla Date is not a trivial piece of software; I worked on it for over a year, and probably well over 200 hours.

Many companies now offer a free online platform for amateurs to build and run their own websites, free of charge.AT Dating supports 4 color styles helping to create gorgeous websites with various layouts.Besides, the template comes with flexible homepage which includes boxed and full width layout.Furthermore, we also provide flexible homepage which includes boxed and full width layout and 4 color styles.Our Dating Joomla Template are easy to install and manage.