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Joseph 1, Cerritos Gahr 0; 1986; 29-innings; 47, Kristen Sloubar; Van Nuys Montclair Prep 2, Santa Monica Crossroads 1; May 8–9, 2005; 21-innings; 44, Samantha Freeman; Pleasant Hill MO vs.

Jefferson City Helias MO; October 20, 2001; 21-innings; 43, Terry Carpenter; Huntington Beach Edison 0, Burbank Burroughs 0; 19xx; 24-innings; 43, Jenny Schachtner; Flintridge Prep 2, Westright Tigers 1; June 27–29, 2005; 26-innings; 42, Kristy Goodrich; Warren Lordstown OH 6, Bristol OH 2; 1998; 21-innings; 42, Tracy Tiensvold; Truman MO vs.

There are plenty of numbers available to make the case that one of the best pitchers of all time has never been better as the National Pro Fastpitch playoffs begin in Hoover, Alabama, where the five-team professional softball league will crown a champion.

We'll get to them because, as these things go, they are remarkable.

I simply posted some photos and updates from my phone when I could.

On the way home, I was so anxious to type up a blog, and a number of times I have started to script it out in my head, but I always stall. Because I don’t know if words can really describe everything that went on during this trip.

Osterman found her way back to the diamond in fifth grade, when she was filling in as a backup pitcher for a little league team.

Blue Springs MO; October 14, 2000; 35-innings; 40, Marissa Marzan; Fresno Bullard 0 vs.

Clovis 1; 2000; 22-innings; 40, Michele Granger; Placentia Valencia 1, La Mirada 0; 1988; 25-innings; 40, Kayla Richardson; West Jefferson Ashe County NC vs. Airy North Surry NC; April 22, 25 & 27, 2005; 26-innings; 35, Lucy Cezarez; Chula Vista Bonita Vista 1, La Mesa Helix 0; 1976; 29-innings.

The world of sports, though stereotypically filled with dykes, is in actuality rather homophobic; there have rarely been more than a handful of openly gay and lesbian athletes in any Olympics.

But this year, due to my unexpected obsession with the Olympics (I chalk it up to its location, which I spent years studying in grad school, and don’t get me started on the often inaccurate and even imperialist Western media coverage of China) — wait a sec, where was I? — out lesbian/bisexual athletes from around the world for us to watch Aug. By “out” I mean women who have said something on the record about their sexual orientation; sure, there’s plenty of gossip online about many, many female athletes, but these precious 10 (so far!