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Collecting Chinese coins and currency has become a hot trend in recent years due to the gorgeous coin designs, low mintages of modern chinese coins, and the historical/cultural storytelling nature of Chinese coins.If you're just getting started in collecting Chinese coins, we recommend you educate yourself with the expert advice and news offered below from our editors, industry experts and Chinese coin dealers.

That means that their value was based on a mutual agreement concerning the copper coins and on an imperial warranty concerning the paper money.Read More on How to Determine the Value of a Coin In early China, the monetary system developed in an entirely different way than the one in Europe.Until recently, the coins of the West  at least the ones that werent used as change  were small ingots of precious metal whose intrinsic value was directly linked to their nominal value.Buy, Sell & Trade Limited to 1 thread per 24 hours per member.Please start your topic with the word "Buying", "Selling" or "Trading".