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The show will be held at the Tata Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point on Valentine’s Day.Speaking about why she took up the play, Chakravarti says, “Theatre doesn’t pay the bills. I had to look at my career and see if everything was alright financially.If he hates taco Tuesday, likes to veg out on the couch on Saturday night and wouldn't hike Kilimanjaro with me, we can´t hang.I've come to realize I much prefer to be dating a like-minded man with shared passions for fitness and kinky bedroom games than someone I'd have to change myself for.Today, I am in a position where money is great and [my career in] television is going well.

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We shall first give a brief outline of the Patriarch's life, as told in that portion of Genesis, then we shall in succession discuss the subject of Abraham from the viewpoints of the Old Testament , New Testament, profane history, and legend. Then, at the call of God, Abram, with his wife, Sarai, and Lot, and the rest of his belongings, went into the Land of Chanaan, amongst other places to Sichem and Bethel, where he built altars to the Lord: A famine breaking out in Chanaan, Abram journeyed southward to Egypt, and when he had entered the land, fearing that he would be killed on account of his wife, Sarai, he bade her say she was his sister.

I used to be on the stage throughout my school and college days. The play, The Relationship Agreement, revolves around a couple and the rules they set for each other in their relationship.

It has been helmed by Meherzad Patel, and Chakravarti will be seen alongside Danesh Irani, Sajeel Parakh, Meher Acharia Dar and Darius Shroff.

The source copy used for this printing has been lost, and may have been a copy in Thomas Jefferson's hand.

The original form of the name, Abram , is apparently the Assyrian Abu-ramu .