Dating a librarian

This will include a brief description of speed dating and why it has maintained its popularity in the age of online and convenience dating without losing its novelty.Session participants will also discover why speed dating can be relevant in a public library setting, and makes logical sense for people who value libraries and what they stand for—learning, community, and of course books and reading—to meet likeminded individuals with whom they have a strong chance of sharing a connection.) connections at your branch in a fun, inclusive, and diverse setting.Outcomes: – What is speed dating, why it’s popular, and why libraries can be a place for people to find love while preserving a literary connection.I needed everyone to match with each other – regardless of gender!The way to get around this problem is to have one person sit in the same seat for the entire process, while everyone else shifts one seat over (and ropes around the tables).While many are finding each other on or other library programs, I thought it would be helpful to dedicate an entire program to intentionally getting to know new people. The idea of “speed dating” is a scary one to most people, and it can seem very out of place at a library. Most swapped numbers with their new friends and many were already discussing future hangouts. The program was supposed to run from 2-4pm, but so many people wanted to stay afterwards to hang out with each other that I extended the program an extra hour. How to Make Sure Everyone Matches with Everyone: In regular speed dating the men sit on one side of the table and never move, while the women shift over one seat each time.

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Alternately, it could mean that a librarian who is faced with the abuse of books as a bargaining tool would take retribution by not making an exception for late fees for their partner, particularly if said partner is absent-minded or otherwise disorganized.

When: Thursday, Feb 02 | pm - pm Location: MTCC 202A Days: Thursday. Description: Libraries are all about connecting people to what’s important to them: learning, community resources, the world at our fingertips, technology, interests old and new, and of course other people. The “Love Librarians” from Toronto Public Library share this fresh and exciting take on adult programming and how to spark romantic (and literary!

Subjects: Accessibility, Adult Programming, Community, Diversity, and LGBTQ.

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