Dating a manic depressive woman

This is a condition in which one experiences varying emotional changes. The difference between a healthy individual and one who has the disorder is that the latter experiences extreme changes; from highly manic feelings on one end, to significantly low moods and feelings of depression on the other side.

There are several behavioral symptoms of this disorder.

Depending on which chart you use, you can record everything from your mood to the number of hours you slept, your anxiety level, medication compliance and menstrual cycle, she said.

(This is a good chart, she said.) For instance, you can anticipate a potential depressive episode if you see that your mood has been progressively sinking in the last few days, Van Dijk said.

Symptoms, such as mood changes, can seem to appear suddenly and without provocation.

Here’s an insight on what it’s like for us and also things you can do to to help us, and yourself. But the information often holds equally well for children, parents, etc.

The men and women in the study also differed with regard to medical co-morbid conditions, with women more likely to suffer from metabolic disorders and men from neurologic conditions and cancer. Jean-Michel Azorin (Sainte Marguerite Hospital, Marseille, France), suggest that “the differences in psychiatric comorbidity may to a certain extent account for the differences found in medical co-morbidity.”In fact, “the higher neurologic co-morbidity of bipolar men may be due to their higher co-morbidity with substance abuse,” said the researchers.

And the increased risk for co-morbid endocrine and metabolic disorders in bipolar women could be partly explained by their increased prevalence of eating disorders.“In any event, the differences in medical comorbidity may suggest gender-specific preventive measures,” said the researchers.

Practicing healthy habits is an effective way to lessen the hold emotions have on you.

Make it a priority to get enough sleep, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time, Van Dijk said.