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Ideal relations for me is when both are working as a team.

Support each other, care of each other and ready to ruin the mountains, but to make the beloved happy.

Ensemble, ils promettent de raliser vos rves d'amour les plus fous en vous concoctant des scnarios romantiques qui ne pourront que faire chavirer le cur de l'tre aim...

Otherwise, any girl that is nonmatching to the accepted canons of beauty could never claim to be the perfect lover.Fortunately, despite the fact that each man wants to see a beautiful companion next to him, the concepts of beauty among men are very different.Perhaps, if we are still talking about beauty, the perfect girlfriend should have inner beauty first of all, because the woman should have a beautiful soul, and then the body.Lovesong (ID: 221038) I am looking for a knight, my third shoulder, - a man to cherish and support me.He has to be kind-hearted, intelligent, sincere, ambitious, courteous and adventurous.