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As known as “The little Vienna” Ruse has preserved its old buildings dating from the ent of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.The appearance of Ruse looks a strange, a foreign one.As you enter the hotel, the spacious lobby immediately sets the tone of old time elegance.All equipped with air-conditioning, our rooms are large and many of them have a wonderful sea view.

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The village is located 3 km from the Ruse-Varna railway line and between the towns of Vetovo and Senovo, Ruse Province.

The village is surrounded by rock formations, among which the river meanders and divides the village into two parts.

In the past the river flowed slowly making a big curve and forming a sort of peninsula.

The White House is claiming those 26,000 soldiers as a troop increase under its budget.

The Obama administration also projected the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps would be smaller in 2018, though it had no role in building that budget.