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According to Samantha Joel and her colleagues, the human mind has strong and automatic prosocial tendencies—we don’t like inflicting social pain—and this deep-rooted kindness keeps men and women from rejecting partners—even incompatible partners.

So many of us have had enough ambiguously platonic “hangouts” to feel romantically hopeless—without ever even entering into real dating territory. I found myself in just such a situation not too long ago.Kerry Cronin, a professor of Philosophy at Boston College, made the news a few years ago by assigning a pretty radical project to her senior seminar. Something simple in theory but nerve-wracking in application.What Cronin was really getting to the heart of was a behavior that she’d been observing all around her on campus.LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 10: Prince poses for photographers with his wife Mayte as they arrives at the De Beer and Versace 'Diamonds are forever' charity fashion event 09 June 1999.A host of international celebrities turned out for the event which will raise funds for three charities including the Prince's Foundation for architecture and the environment.