Dating for diabetics

Now I’ve romanticized the idea of taking care of myself and appreciating my own company.I honestly have convinced myself it’s the cool and fabulous thing to do.It’s important that whoever I am dating understands what it means to have and manage diabetes, and the sooner they know that, the better.So I decided to put together a short list, 6 tips for dating this diabetic. But also remember that sometimes when I don’t feel well it has nothing to do with my diabetes. I think that when dating someone with diabetes, it’s important to plan ahead, but also be flexible.But if you do ever find yourself dating a T1D, it might help to keep these in mind. Don’t assume I can’t eat something with sugar in it. There are other reasons I turn down food, you know, because I don’t like it or I’m trying to watch my girlish figure. I know part of dating is finding common ground, but if I tell you I have diabetes, please don’t regale me with tales of your grandma or her friend who also had diabetes and then had to have her foot amputated. If you know we’re going to be out for a long time, give me a heads up so that I can make sure I have enough insulin/supplies/snacks/etc. Rather than ask my exes, I found a good list on the American Diabetes Association’s website that I wanted to include here. It helps to share that common bond and provides comfort to your partner in discussing his/her feelings if they are going through extreme shifts in their blood sugar levels for example.2. Gauging how involved you should become in your partner’s blood glucose and meal planning can be difficult.I appreciate the concern, but let me tell you what I can and cannot eat. I’m all for spontaneity, but I just need to make sure that I’m prepared. Some partners might not want that much involvement, and others do.Establishing a strong system of communication with your partner is a crucial component of every relationship.

People who keep their diabetes under control can lower their risk of developing these sexual and urologic problems in the future.I’m not the type to bend to peer pressure and I never was a “social drinker”. I used to love eating alone at a restaurant and even going to the movie theater alone.And I didn’t go in hiding or as if ashamed to be alone.Red lipstick and high heels came along for a fabulous night out with moi.This had nothing to do with picking up a date or anything either.