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The man was arrested, but charges have since been dropped, Engen added.

While the man is occupied, Kim allegedly robs the victim’s home and flees, Engen said.

Irvine police will soon present more evidence to Orange County prosecutors on identity theft, false imprisonment by proxy, forgery, burglary and other crimes, Engen said.

Let's say I have a single coworker that I think would be a good match for one of my girl friends. The literal translation for sogae is "introduction" or "to introduce". Generally this is a similar concept to sogaeting where usually one or two people have chosen to play matchmaker. I can call 2 of my girlfriends, you can call 2 of you guy friends, and we can all meet up to see if anything clicks for anyone.

I have seen some meetings consist of groups as large as probably 20 girls and 20 guys. Two people who've met online can choose to meet in person, in a real life date by the form of bongaeting.