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Carefully notice that Genesis 6:5 says God destroyed the world by a flood because their THOUGHTS were EVIL CONTINUALLY. The Lord foretold in Matthew -39 that the world in the end times would return to the mindset of Noah's day.

It was their thoughts that compelled them to commit heinous acts of wickedness. God saw that they were beyond hope, saturated with evil thinking. Matthew -39, But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Noah's gospel preaching fell on spiritually deaf ears and hardened hearts.

Next, the father tells the son that he's taking him to a whore-house in Mexico for sex.

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A man’s most fundamental drive in this world is to feel like a winner.When the father decides to take away his son's toys, the son pulls a gun on his father and shoots him.The father is mugged in the boy's room and then the father crawls out all fours, whimpering like a dog.Eating and drinking aren't sinful, but it is a sin to live without God. Consider how we've deteriorated into a sex-crazed society of sexually-suggestive advertising, Viagra, breast implants, plastic surgery, perversion, smutty magazines, escort services, divorce-remarriage, lewdness on television and adulterous nightclubs nationwide. A believer who walks with God is a humble servant of God, in contrast to the arrogance of the wicked who shake their fists at God. Do you think it has nothing to do with the plague of covetousness, gluttony, lesbianism, drunkenness, indecency, lying, pride, lewdness, feminism and abortion in our country? Music has become disgusting and perverted, containing vulgar lyrics which glorifies everything unholy and shameful. People always tend to watch the most raunchiest and violent shows on TV. Since being immoral brings in higher ratings and more paying advertisers and endorsements, they do it. I have to go on the internet to see re-runs if I want to research and expose what's on TV these days. In this episode a brother and sister are shown in bed together.American businesses are highly dishonestbathed in shady fine print, hidden traps and deceptive advertising. All people want to do these days is party, play, sex, wine and dine. Please don't be deceived, the same-sex agenda and gay-rights is horrible wickedness and such evils will lead to America's total destruction. To the same degree that American culture embraces sin, to that same degree the Communists are taking over, and God is letting it happen as judgment against us for tolerating sin. Even so-called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is sensual, inappropriate and worldly. Although all TV is getting corrupt, here's some of the better and worse programming on U. I was curious when I saw a show called American Dad in the list of the worst shows on TV. The sister is sticking a thermometer in her brother's rear-end.