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When women talk to each other about dating, it often feels as though there’s an elephant in the room.

You skirt around it, you glance shyly at it, you might even squeeze past it to get to the snack table – but you’re never, ever, ever supposed to talk about it.

But it was Sex and the City that instilled in us the notion that there was something a bit wrong with you if you didn’t want to have sex with somebody after a couple of cocktails and a dinner date.

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Keep reading to find answers to our most frequently asked questions about dating. Oftentimes, men and women choose to date without giving any thought to marriage, and this is where we see people make messes.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Do you ever wonder why some of your relationships go nowhere?Have you ever NOT felt that spark of attraction and passion..wondered why?Did you ever lose that special connection with a lover?Many people ask me these questions and more about dating and relating.