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Thanks so much for following along in my quest to finding a man and I hope others have luck in finding their forever partner in crime.

You’ll constantly be investing time into guys who not only don’t deserve it, but wasting time in a series of relationships that will be short lived and will destroy your confidence. Loving yourself enough to know that you deserve more than an awful guy is the perfect reason to change your dating habits. A decision is not a single entity, but rather a series of building blocks consisting of actions and considerations. We decide on perceptions of others, and of life and purpose. The number one thing holding so many people in this world back, myself included at times, is the overwhelming challenge of self-acceptance. Let go of the missed opportunities and ways life has disappointed you. At some point in your life you need the opportunity to stand alone.We also decide what makes us laugh, what inspires our faintest curiosities and what encourages us to order that second margarita after a crappy day. We are beat down every day with opinions and standards that will never be applicable at scale. Let your heart forgive because it honestly frees you entirely. That may mean being single and unattached romantically.But what do we know about the cast’s striking new addition? She’s 25 and from Surrey She used to be one of Mick Norcross’ former Sugar Hut Honeys and you may recognise her from TOWIE’s seventh series when she approached Lucy and told her Mario had been sending her flirty messages. She’s the ex-girlfriend of super hunky EOTB original Rogan. She doesn’t want to be Rogan’s girlfriend and insists they’re just pals People tell her she’s got husky eyes She describes herself as crazy, ridiculous and fun She’s on the hunt for The One because she’s bored of dating idiots She can’t stand men that ‘proper love themselves’ If she has an argument she gets over it pretty quick And here she is with her EOTB mates…Being disappointed time and time again by the same type of guy is a brutal feeling, but what’s worse is that you keep giving them the opportunity to disappoint you.