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The costs, such as lost productivity and fraud, are borne by the public and by Internet service providers, which have been forced to add extra capacity to cope with the deluge.Spamming has been the subject of legislation in many jurisdictions. The excessive amount of Spam mentioned references the preponderance of it and other imported canned meat products in the United Kingdom after World War II, as the country struggled to rebuild its agricultural base.But instead of leading you to the real login https: site, the link will secretly redirect you to a fake website. This information is intercepted by the scammers, who later access your account and fleece you for several hundred dollars.

Millions of users share one common domain name, so you already know that ("" in the case of Hotmail).

Report recipients may reply to reports, but they do so through Spam Cop.

They will not know the email address used to send the objectionable message unless/until a member reveals it, or unless they figure it out from codes embedded in the message reported. If a member replies to an email, the email address used will be revealed.

This is the most widespread internet and email scam today. "Phishing" is where digital thieves lure you into divulging your password info through convincing emails and web pages.

These phishing emails and web pages resemble legitimate credit authorities like Citibank, e Bay, or Pay Pal.