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He is the ‘Trustafarian’ of the international tennis scene, the kid from the Baltic who previously appeared to have more wealth and talent than he knew what to do with, but who is now starting to apply himself.

On the Roland Garros clay and the Wimbledon grass this summer, Federer and Nadal could be troubled by Gulbis, who is too intelligent to be a “tennis freak” or a grey obsessive, whose father is an oligarch and one of the richest men in Latvia, and who has been rumoured to travel to tournaments in his dad’s private jet.

Gulbis has already guaranteed himself a prize-money cheque of around £100,000, so more than 20 times what his country's tennis federation used to receive in a year from the government.

Just by way of contrast, Britain's Lawn Tennis Association receives around £25 million a year from the Wimbledon surplus alone.

Gulbis knows he prefers partying to practising, which is probably why he is No 31 in the world rankings and not in the top 10, where he would surely be if he could match his talent with the necessary application. But when I play badly, starting to win again is the biggest issue." The past 15 months illustrate his point.

When it comes to being a 'wild child’, she's got plenty of rivals – past and present.yet he isn’t sure whether he even likes tennis, and he is adamant that he doesn’t care for fame or money.As for the night that he spent in a police cell in Stockholm, after he was arrested for soliciting prostitutes during a tournament, he regards that as a hilarious and wonderful adventure, as “it was great, it was great fun, a very funny time”.Martina Hingis The ‘Swiss Miss’ entered her first tournament aged 4 and spent 209 weeks as world number one.But the tennis prodigy soon earned herself a reputation as a spoilt brat.