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The film star may have been surrounded by a bevy of beauties but he only had eyes for his wife Rachel Weisz who was also in attendance at The Royal Albert Hall screening.The 47-year-old was spotted as he smooched the actress, 45, before meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The 1939 Wizard of Oz creeped me out so much as a little girl, I find myself overtaken by a sudden-and-highly-unusual urge to do housework when my own children watch it on DVD.

She is the actress whose stunning beauty beguiles James Bond in his latest blockbuster adventure, Casino Royale.

And, as these exclusive pictures show, Eva Green even has the credentials to be a double agent - as she is one of twins.

Green sera Vanessa Ives, une jeune femme aux puissants pouvoirs hypnotiques, tandis qu'Hartnett incarnera Ethan, un détective chargé de résoudre des affaires un peu mystiques.

Les deux acteurs devront collaborer contre une menace inconnue qui massacre la population.