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Godfrey Holmes examines the catastrophic failings both on the day an in the aftermath, and finds numerous lessons still to be learnt Boats attend the Herald of Free Enterprise the day after the disaster in March 1987.The bow doors had been left open as she left the Belgian port; she capsized so quickly there was no time to send an SOS Imagine free enterprise unchecked, self-reverential.And there – on a cold and miserable night exactly 30 years ago this weekend – we have the sinking of the .

And the keeling over of Townsend Thoresen’s state-of-the-art (1980) “roll-on, roll-off” car, lorry, and foot-passenger ferry the was carrying 459 passengers or drivers, 80 tired crew members still to complete their second sailing in a 24-hour window, 81 cars, 47 lorries, three buses.View and read about the vast array of large trucks built by IH during the 1950's.High quality large format photos present these trucks in many configurations doing all types of work; Soft cover, 126 pgs.Born and raised in England, Spedding first met Bryan Ferry when his band with Free’s Andy Fraser, Sharks, was opening for Roxy Music in the early 1970’s.Their relationship has continued over the years with Spedding playing not only on some of his tours but recording with him as well.