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Zchat is usually chosen by industries and enterprise businesses who are heavily regulated and need higher levels of security.With Zchat On-Premise solution, all data, (both chat history and website), is stored in your own MS SQL Database, not across the world!Bontact allows users to call your representatives directly through your site for free, no matter where they are in the world.Every Callback results in two calls – one to the web visitor and another one to you.Want to enter a world of suspense and horror but not up for a long read? Every Yarn story is told as a short text message conversation, as if you are watching someone else's text messages.Whether it be hypothetical conversations between two of your favorite celebs, a frantic group chat after accidentally liking an ex’s photo on Instagram, or those suspenseful mysteries you just can’t get enough of, Yarn lets you tap through it all!As the popularity of text messaging has grown, we have become conditioned to respond to a text message instantly, almost compulsively, no matter how busy we may be.

We Text plugins are app-like modules that work on any internet enabled device. For example, our Ticketing plugin allows you to sell, deliver and redeem QR-coded tickets globally, all through text.For what our competitors charge just for basic texting through local U. carriers, We Text gives you worldwide texting, MMS, Email, 2-Way Text Chat and Universal Plugins.We deliver content to over 140 countries around the world.It’s about time to make reading fun, fast, and fabulous again.Stay up to date with your favorite Yarn stories as we update episodes and conversations daily!