Gay dating game

Through its unique sliding ‘Chappy scale’ users can search for a Mr. Right Now, and are only matched with compatible guys looking for the same – something developers say will make awkward ‘what are you looking for’ exchanges a thing of the past.

“We want to give gay men the opportunity to have conversations that match their intentions,” says Locke. The 29-year-old adds: “We appreciate that for many men the ‘Mr.

It remains to be seen whether users will be deleting rival apps to make space for the newbie, but here’s hoping Chappy can help some of us find our happy ever after…

The best thing about joining a dating website is that there’s lots of single men to choose from so don’t stick to your usual type.

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“The Dating Game” as it is often referred is an intricate play of tactical maneuvers, distinct rules, and pre-determined positions between two foreign teams who are brought together to achieve mutual victory.

The problem though is that nobody knows the rules, the positions are ever changing and the maneuvers that are learnt in training normally don’t work on the field. I followed all the rules and believed that with practice would come perfection but I never seemed to score a goal. There was the guy who spoke only about his ex-boyfriend for the duration of dinner, the personal trainer who refused to eat anything that wasn’t green and the gorgeous Italian boy whose English skills were much better online. Instead of seeing a date as an interview, where probing questions are exchanged and potential candidates cross-examined, dates should be seen as exciting opportunities to meet new people.