Getting your ex back when she is dating someone else

Persistent phone calls or texts will not only be annoying but will show your girlfriend that you are available - giving her space to explore other things without fear of losing you.

Begging her to come back has a similar effect and it also doesn't show you in a very good light.

But in the grand scheme of things, a rebound romance is probably your best chance of getting her back. No, there's nothing you can do about it right now - and actually, anything you do to try and interfere is going to come off as desperate and jealous.

When her new relationship falls apart, you can use it's demise as a springboard to put her back into your arms... For this reason you must be patient, and look at the big picture. While it really sucks to know your ex girlfriend is dating again, close your eyes and imagine your end goal: getting back together with her.

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Missing them when they go down the street is fine when you know they’ll be walking back in with eggs and milk in half an hour.

It’s not when they walk out with their possessions in a box.

Craving the touch of their bare skin is fine when they’re having a shower before jumping into bed with you.

As she goes off with another man, you might think you've lost any hope of reconciliation.

But while seeing her with a new boyfriend hurts like a dagger through the heart, I'm here to tell you it's probably not as bad as you think.