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Counted among its treasures are many of the oldest writings of humanity - which are of course scriptures – and, the longest writings of humanity.

Many Westerners think the Bible is one of the longest writings in humanity, and one of the oldest, but it is neither.

"Once the cyclone dissipates, people might begin feeling a chill in the air.

Until that time, there are only humid winds blowing from the southern and eastern parts of the country," he added.

What God has said in His Word, we shall find is contrary to much that this world teaches on these subjects. He who builds his life on it can never fall - no storm or earthquake will ever shake him.

There are some matters on which one cannot be dogmatic. But there are other matters on which one cannot but be firm. Most evangelical Christians in India, I fear, have soft-pedaled these issues for too long.

On such matters I have expressed myself unequivocally. Many a young life might have been saved from ruin if Christian leaders had spoken with a firmer voice on these matters.

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The minimum temperature which dipped to a chilling 12.1 degree celsius on Friday will rise to 17 degree celsius by December 14, they said.

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