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When dealing with DNSSEC it's important to know what's going on, in the example configuration pretty much all logging is enabled to give us a wide picture of what kind of connections and data-transfers that's passing to and from your server.

All of it isn't a necessary but logs are always more useful than one think.

I was almost at the edge of giving up when a colleague of mine proposed to try it out in RHEL 5.1 and file a bug report to Red Hat, and so I did only to get the surprise that it worked perfectly fine.

Since I've spent so much time on this I decided to blog on how to do this. First off please notice that this configuration was made using: First off we want to make sure that a potential intruder isn't aware of which version of BIND we're using.

BIND needs to be aware of your private keys when doing updates, otherwise the changes you'll make will not be signed and you'll have to do a manual resign of the zone which kills the purpose of dynamic updates.

An excellent resource for background information on various SIG models: mark explanations: Proof Letters A - 0B - 1C - 2D - 3E - 4F - 5G - 6H - 7J - 8K - 9 ^Thanks to Spodeley Sig Sauer Gun of the Month List(Thanks to Mustang-Pa Pa for the link and recommendation) on page 22)Serial Number - Date Proof - Year of Manufacture - Month/Year of Import - Caliber - Importer - Additional Info Browning BDA-345RR-1101-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to Buster30290-345RR-2599-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to Mus Prod-345RT-1124-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to reganhouse-345RT-1292-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to reganhouse-345RR-1494-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to Orthogonal-345RR-2599-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to Mus Prod-345RT-1606-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to blindref-345RT-1728-HH-1977-9mm-345RT-18XX-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to roberth-345RR-1940-HH-1977-9mm = Thanks to David Lee-375RR-1063-HH-1977-38super-375RR-1310-HH-1977-38super = Thanks to cherokee2u-375RR-1322-HH-1977-38super = Thanks to reganhouse-375RR-1723-HH-1977-38super = Thanks to Buster30290-395RP-1414-HJ-1978-45acp = Thanks to prowen-395RP-15XX-HJ-1978-45acp = roberth-395RP-2541-HJ-1978-45acp = Thanks to David Lee-395RR-3006-HH-1977-45acp = Thanks to reganhouse-395RR-4193-HJ-1978 = Thanks to Noah Zark-395RR-4329-HJ-1978-45acp = Thanks to David Lee-395RP-4482-HJ-1978-45acp-395RP-49XX-HJ-1978-45acp = Thanks to sleepla8er-395RP-5200-HJ-1978-45acp = Thanks to bcsd372-395RP-6829-HK-1979-45acp = Thanks to Buster30290-395RP-6903-HK-1979-45acp = Thanks to Duc S2R-395RP-7055-HK-1979-45acp = Thanks to gis-396RP-7396-JA-1980-7.65 = Thanks to Dusty Dave Sig Sauer P220- Modifications occurred after G211-299 --G100-1XX-JA-1980-7.65mm Para-G100-46X-HG-1976-9mm = Thanks to Udo/kauphycup-G100-8XX-HG-1976-9mm = Thanks to onequickwrench-G100-8XX-JA-1980-7.65mm Para-G100-933-JA-1980-7.65mm Para-G101-47X-HG-1976-9mm = Thanks to rjinaz85308-G102-2XX-XX-1976-9mm-G102-28X-HG-1976-9mm = Thanks to Udo-G104-2XX-HG-1976-9mm-No import mark = Thanks to Rasczak-G105-XXX-HH-1977-9mm-G105-2XX-HH-1977-9mm-RCI = Thanks to kauphycup-G105-3XX-HH-1977-9mm-G105-339-HH-1977-9mm-G105-4XX-HH-1977-9mm RCI Import-Swiss/Canton = Thanks to wgsigs-G106-XXX-JA-1980-7.65mm Para-G106-261-JA-1980-7.65mm Para-G106-57X-HH-1977-9mm-Geneva Police = Thanks to Drew816-G106-984-HH-1977-38super-Hawes = Thanks to p08-G107-2XX-HH-1977-9mm-Hawes = Thanks to Rasczak-G107-4XX-HH-1977-45acp-Hawes = Thanks to Rasczak-G108-6XX-HH-1977-45acp-Hawes = Thanks to Shaneb-G109-318-HH-1977-45acp-Hawes = Thanks to reganhouse-G109-5XX-HH-1977-45acp-Hawes = Thanks to 221FB-G116-066-JB-1981-9mm-No import-Euro release = Thanks to hjs157-G117-316-JB-1981-9mm-No import = Thanks to Udo-G118-785-JC-1982-Interarms = Thanks to jacobscw-G118-876-JC-1982-45acp-Interarms = Thanks to reganhouse-G119-179-XX-1982-Feb-38super-Interarms = Thanks to DMS-G119-818-JC-1982-9mm-Herndon = Thanks to reganhouse-G120-414-JC-1982-45acp-Interarms = Thansk to reganhouse-G120-7XX-JC-1982-38super-Tysons Corner-G120-9XX-JC-1982-38super-G121-782-JC-1982-7.65mm Para-No import = Thanks to lbaker45-G121-944-JC-1982-Assembled by RPS = Thanks to Gary BF-G123-605-JC-1982-9mm = Thanks to Eigler Martin-G124-XXX-JC-1982-9mm-G124-1XX-JC-1982-9mm-G124-2XX-JC-1982-9mm = Thanks to Smokin Sigs357-G124-4XX-JC-1982-9mm = Thanks to 221FB-G124-9XX-JD-1983-9mm = Thanks to Webley Green-G125-0XX-JD-1983-9mm = Thanks to Two Point-G125-2XX-JD-1983-9mm = Thanks to allan r-G125-63X-JD-1983-9mm-Tysons Corner = Thanks to Ken-G126-38X-JD-1983-9mm-RPS = Thanks to Ken-G127-2XX-JD-1993-9mm-RPS = Thanks to roberth-G127-5XX-JD-1983-G128-1XX-XX-1984-9mm-G128-991-JD-1983-Interarms = Thanks to bsg1-G129-XXX-JE-1984-G129-306-JD-1983-Interarms = Thanks to Lek Combs-G129-521-JD-1983-Interarms = Thanks to Easily Odd-G130-XXX-JE-1984-G130-5XX-JE-1984 = Thanks to detmeng-G130-8XX-JE-1984-9mm-Assembled by RPS-G131-4XX-JE-1984-45acp-Interarms = Thanks to GCMKC-G131-6XX-JE-1984-45acp = Thanks to Rasczak-G131-7XX-JE-1984-9mm-G131-76X-JE-1984-9mm-Interarms = Thanks to Ken-G131-9XX-JE-1984-9mm-RPS = Thanks to sigmundsauer-G133-0XX-JE-1984-RPS = Thanks to smurph-G134-3XX-JF-1985-Euro mag release = Thanks to sgt207-G134-3XX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner = Thanks to Drew ZFoster-G134-4XX-JF-1985-G135-7XX-XX-1985-G135-892-JF-1985-45acp-Tysons Corner = Thanks to hjs157-G135-9XX-JF-1985 = Thanks to zoom6zoom-G137-XXX-JG-1986-G138-XXX-JG-1986-G138-314-JG-1986 = Thanks to Tiger 2 Tank-G138-7XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to kauphycup-G139-XXX-JG-1986 = Thanks to mpwalker-G140-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to Pro Tac-G141-5XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to 1bigguy-G141-58X-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to djb255-G142-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = Thanks to manic mechanic-G145-0XX-JG-1986-G146-XXX-JG-1986 = Thanks to Chopjaw-G147-XXX-JG-1986-G148-XXX-XX-1986-Tysons Corner-G148-0XX-JG-1986-G149-398-JH-1987-Tysons Corner-G149-8XX-JH-1987-38 super-G152-037-JH-1987-G152-9XX-JH-1987-38super-Tysons Corner = Thanks to jhendri2-G153-XXX-XX-1987-G153-0XX-JH-1987-G153-4XX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = Thanks to blindref-G153-8XX-JH-1987-38super-G154-1XX-JH-1987-SEP/88/DOI-G156-XXX-XX-1988-G156-8XX-JJ-1988-38super = Thanks to Buster30290-G157-XXX-JJ-1988-G159-XXX-XX-1989-G159-168-JK-1989-Herndon = Thanks to hapevo-G159-7XX-JK-1989-Herndon = Thanks to barry1967-G160-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = Thanks to dhjenkins-G161-XXX-JK-1989-G161-1XX-JK-1989-G162-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = Thanks to roberth-G162-221-JK-1989-Herndon-Nickle = Thanks to Rodfac-G163-0XX-JK-1989-G163-3XX-JK-1989-G163-9XX-JK-1989 = Thanks to stoneypete-G163-946-JH? -Herndon = Thanks to reganhouse-G163-992-JK-1989-G164-2XX-JK-1989-Herndon = Thanks to gp52555-G164-3XX-JK-1989-Herndon-G165-2XX-KA-1990-G165-4XX-JK-1989-45acp-Factory nickel = Thanks to Buster30290-G166-58X-KA-1990 = Thanks to Big Boy99-G167-XXX-KA-1990-G167-240-KA-1990 = Thanks to reganhouse-G169-0XX-KA-1990 = Thanks to hottierod-G169-7XX-KA-1990-G170-166-KA-1990 = Thanks to hjs157-G171-78X-KA-1990 = Thanks to Ken-G173-XXX-KA-1990-G175-1XX-KA-1990 = Thanks to Bacon-G175-2XX-KA-1990-Exeter = Thanks to yooper35-G176-9XX-KB-1991-Exeter-Factory Nickel = Thanks to jkacg1-G177-XXX-KB-1991-G177-4XX-XX-1991-factory nickel finish-G181-XXX-KC-1992-??? peened over-G257-077-XX-1995/1996-factory nickel, triple serial numbers, no proof stamps, W. -G291-XXX----1998-G292-5XX----1998-Jun/98/DOI-G293-XXX----1998-G296-XXX----1999-G299-XXX----1999 = Thanks to diceman3-G301-1XX----1999 = Thanks to hottierod-G301-3XX-KK-1999-P220 S model-German proofed-G306-XXX----1999-G306-XXX----2000-G308-XXX----2000? Not sure if the previous owner swapped out the possible serial numbered slide with a different non serial numbered one but the gun itself was in new condition and unfired. AD309XX-7/94-.40, triple serial numbers, black case, bought new 10/94AD31XXX-6/94-.357SIG, black gun, black case, triple serial number AE14XXX-6/95-357sig Grey box, 10rd mags.

Under the Companies Act 2006, as amended by the Small Business Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, most UK companies (& LLPs) are required to identify and record the people with significant control over them (PSCs).

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