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Some people say this goes away after the intro level, so I'll try that for now I guess. My issue is exactly as described in this thread, I am also using Realtek on board sound, and also had the same issue in the original Bioshock.

T2 v1.23 on Taffers Paradise (Thank you Lord Soth) And his message :"Il n'a pas plong dans la nuit !

Mes lettres sont certes anonymes mais pas dlatrices, le Corbeau au rapport revient vous voler dans les plumes" ----------------------------------------------------- Thief II: The Metal Age v1.23 update ==================================== 1.23 Notes ---------- Like the previous update, this is a maintenance patch with bug fixes and some new additions. Consider all prior versions obsolete and do not use them any more.

Once he has a working solution he will let everyone else know If this issue was never fixed in Bioshock, and is again present in this version, what are the chances of getting an actual fix? Looking through the ini file I found an option for lowquality sound.

Could you set this to True to see if it makes any difference.