Indie dating

There are five main arcs with twenty different endings: a choice-based adventure with basic mini-game demonstrations.The content is as family friendly as ​​​​ This visual novel is a fan-based parody.

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Also included was advice from well-known artists and freelancing writers aimed at reaching the jaded youth in the audience on a variety of issues; these include relationships, love, sex and the impact of AIDS on such matters.

The EP recordings were eventually followed-up by a full–length CD which included several tracks absent on the vinyl EP's.

Since most people who actually care deeply about their lover’s choice of tunes are sure to be of the indie-snob persuasion (no offense; we’re no exception), we’ve put together a handy list of 25 pickup lines for Pitchfork-readin’, All Tomorrow’s Parties-attendin’, vinyl-collectin’ elitists to use on the site. “I’m looking for a bear who’s into Grizzly Bear.” 3.

“The ladies of Dirty Projectors got nothin’ on you.” 6.