Interracial flirt

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It’s easy to assume as soon as a film starts with a pining white boy’s voiceover, that we’re in for the same tired story that we’ve seen a million times.

A sad, pasty white boy is lonely and sexually deprived and meets a cool, edgy white girl that’s way too good to be true, but against the odds, falls for him.

People are attracted to attractive (what they deem to be) people, aren’t they?

For men, there’s always an end game — and it’s always sex. ) As individuals, men flirt differently, but race and culture also play a part when a dude is steppin’ to a sista. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve been accosted by a brotha who went all Morris Day on me — “Baby, what’s your phone number?

You may be familiar with these all too common questions being tossed about on.. Clearly if White men are asking and Black women are asking then one would surmise yes, these people exist somewhere and yes, some White men/Black women are into each other.

have hundreds of threads asking about and saying the same thing.

we’re pulling for you.——————————-After months of not dating, I now have three pending dates with two ridiculously sexy Mexican men and a handsome vintage vanilla life guard (think James Brolin, less David Hasselhoff).

Although I’m a firm believer that love (or in this case dates with men) come when you least expect it, I’m starting to think Christelyn has been working some of her swirl voodoo on me.