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Indeed if you try to download a new packet using “apt-get”(or any other packet manager), you need to run it as superuser: so you have to use the “sudo” command.

If you try that, you will notice that the program (apt-get) can’t connect to the WAN (World Area Network) and fails.

If you don’t want to login as root ($ sudo -i) every time you need to use the http_proxy variable in “super user mode”, you can simply add the following line to the “/etc/sudoers” file: We “keep” the variables “http_proxy” and “ftp_proxy” because we want to export only this two to the “sudo” environment.

If you want, you can only export “http_proxy” or add another one.

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Sometimes you can’t connect directly to internet, because you have to go through a proxy (i.e. Did you ever have to set up an http proxy on linux shell in order to (i.e) download a new package or manually update your distribution with a packet manager? If you use the “sudo” command, you will probably stumbled across the inability to export variables from the user environment to the “sudo” one.

These simple commands create a variable (http_proxy) and set it to “