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There's likely something I'm doing wrong, but damned if I know what.

I am happy to report that at 73, I have finally found the love and self respect my parents robbed from me shortly after birth. I've never cuddled or kissed someone while watching a movie. I want to know what it's like to love and be loved... I'm picky, I'll admit, and a little skeptical, having gone through several failed long-distance relationships, but I'm willing to give it a shot again. When it comes to love, i have an expectation, it's not someone's looks, or what they say, its what they do, and all i'm looking for is chemistry, I have felt it before, and when i had it, i was fine, my life was good, i didn't need anything else, everything was... i'm looking for love, i see people in love everywhere, all my friends are talking only about their boyfriends.

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And I was dating the woman of my dreams -- we had tentatively decided to get married in about a year. i have been dating a woman and i worked hard to love her and avoiding things which would hurt her.

I tried to be open to her as much as possible to understand am such a trust worth man, loving and caring person , she have ever met. This is half a personal story and half me reaching out to anyone who might share these thoughts/ feelings.