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Yactraq Speech2Topics is a cloud service that converts audiovisual content into topic metadata via speech recognition & natural language processing.Customers use Yactraq metadata to target ads, build UX features like content search/discovery and mine Youtube videos for brand sentiment. define people, places, things, words and concepts; provides direct links to other services (via !Here, the same subliminal persuasion techniques have been used to direct you to one of the many benefits of the Bill.Which means your opinion of it will be much more positive.To persuade you to think whatever they want you to think about the stories.Tune into one network and you might hear: “The Bill for Universal Healthcare has been passed.The Web Knox text processing API lets you process (natural) language texts.

It is (in my opinion) far too difficult to approach a stranger and have it lead into a genuine, interesting conversation - especially if you have romance on the cards.People are generally looking for a way to find an interesting and seductive relationship. Sex may not be their number one priority, but sex, sexuality and seduction are certainly on their mind. The easiest way to start a converation is to open it up the second time you meet - not the first time. You don't know you'll meet again unless you arrange it!This is the logical flaw that keeps so many of us from opening up new relationships.