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It is similar to the Beaglebone,but with some features removed and some features added.

The table below gives the high points on the differences between the Beagle Bone and Beagle Bone Black.

; If the features is not listed here it is NOT ; selected for installation.

; Feature0=ALL Or CAD 166 Products ; Feature1=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\Or CAD_Capture_CIS ; Feature2=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\Or CAD_EE_Designer ; Feature3=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\Or CAD_FPGA_System_Planner ; Feature4=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\Or CAD_PCB_Designer ; Feature5=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\Or CAD_PCB_SI ; Feature6=ALL Or CAD 166 Products\PSpice Feature7=ALL SPB 166 Products ; Feature8=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_AMS_Simulator ; Feature9=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Design_Authoring ; Feature10=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Design_Authoring_CIS ; Feature11=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Design_Authoring_Multi_Style ; Feature12=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Editor_Router ; Feature13=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_FPGA_System_Planner ; Feature14=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_PCB_Librarian ; Feature15=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_PCB_Router ; Feature16=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_PCB_SI ; Feature17=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Package_Designer_Cadence_Si P ; Feature18=ALL SPB 166 Products\Allegro_Physical_Viewer Feature19=ALL Documentation [Data] ; ; The data section stores any other properties required by ; the installation. ; ; ; The working Directory ; Working Dir=C:\SPB_Data-Silent ; ; ; For setting FOOTPRINT Path ; ; Footprint Path=D:\Cadence\SPB_16.6-silent\share\pcb\pcb_lib\symbols ; ; SETTING LICENSE FILE ; ; Specifying the port and host information for the license server(s) sets the CDS_LIC_FILE environment variable used by Cadence applications to access the license server(s).

NET Framework should be updated ; Y- yes ; N - skipped UPDATE_NET_FRAMWRK =Y ; VC Redistribution package should be updated ; Y- yes ; N - skipped UPDATE_VC_REDIST=Y ; Fire wall entries to be done ; Y- yes ; N - skipped UPDATE_FIREWALL=Y ; Should setup overwrite the existing Installation ; Y- yes ; N - no ALWAYS_OVERWRITE=Y ; This option determines whether a disk space check is required ; Possible values are YES and NO.

Yes means dont check NO means check IKNOWBEST=YES ; Should Setup Overwrite the HOME Environment variable ; Y - yes ; N - no OVERWRITE_HOME=Y [Features] ; ; Identifies feature list that should be manipulated.

If you glance through the Install Guide (which you can download with your Or CAD software) you’ll see that the installation is configured by using a silent installation file called [State] ; Ignore the fact that there is far to much junk on my drive IKNOWBEST=YES ; ; defines the install location ; Target Dir=C:\Cadence\SPB_16.6-silent ; ; Reboots if required at conclusion of installation ; Reboot If Reqd=N ; ; File Server Location ; ; File Server Location Dir=G:\SPB_16.6 ; ; identifies desired maintenance behavior ; possible values are: REMOVEALL, MODIFY, REPAIR ; On Maintenance=REMOVEALL ; ; If REMOVEALL is selected for maintenance, this flag ; determines if rollback (if applicable) should ; be performed ; ; Rollback=N ; Do you want to backup the files updated in ISR install ; Y indicates yes ; Isr Backup=Y ; Allusers identifies the alluesr vs Cuurent user installation ; A value of NO means current user and YES meas for All Users ALLUSERS=YES ; First time installation MODE ; You can CHOOSE COMPLETE too MODE=COMPLETE ; Crystal reports should be updated ; Y- yes ; N - skipped UPDATE_CRSTAL=Y ;.

There are a couple of issues I had to work out along the way create a successful, unattended install. When you script your silent installation, you need to call the from within the \Disk1 folder, which is actually responsible for installing the applications.

When I passed a complicated path to the file, setup didn’t like it.

Altium Designer provides a tool for updating the parameters of Altium Designer components with information stored in an external database.

The components must be linked to the corresponding component records in the external database, for update to be made possible.