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Established in 1999, Empired is a publicly listed company (ASX: EPD) founded in Western Australia with offices throughout Australasia.

based on Microsoft Dynamics products and classic Microsoft technologies.Optical Character Recognition, commonly referred to as OCR, is the process of converting scanned images of letters and words into a electronic versions.For example, you can use the Recognize Text feature in Acrobat DC to convert an image of a page into a searchable version in which you can select text, comment on it and even edit it. While some very good originals will process at or near 100% accuracy, if you feed Acrobat a poor quality document, results will suffer.Being an EMS provider with a long history and culture that promotes honesty, integrity, and uncompromising quality in all of our actions, we have developed an excellent reputation, and as a result, continue to see global growth and an expanding customer base.While our global network of factory locations enables you to rapidly shift products based on a variety of needs, you can feel safe knowing that as One Enics, everyone you encounter is committed to the same high standards throughout the company.