Sap infostructure not updating

To be sure, run tcode MB5L to get total value of stock. Steps: Firstly, I used version “&(6” as temporary version – you could use any other name.Then run one of the LIS reports such as MC.1 to get total value from LIS. This might ensure that you don’t do this exercise soon again. The user defined info structures should start with S followed by a three digit number. In case of user defined info structures, once the info structure is created with required updating, it will be updated along with standard tables during every relevant transaction.The same info tables can be used for other reporting purposes like z Reports etc.Once a new LIS table is generated, the LIS table doesn’t contain historical data.If you check the table in SE16, the number of entries will show it.

So till now, as least I could provide the solution about how to correct the existing problematic data by suggesting customer to use standard report .The corresponding period only will be updated in the table. Updating: Here, you can define the time / sequence when the info table to be updated. Here, I choose the period as “Month” in order to analyze the report on monthly basis and the update as “Synchronous Update” in order to update the table simultaneously along with standard tables.Please refer the below documents for how to create a user defined LIS info structure: How to Create an LIS info structure – Purchasing – Part 1 How to Create an LIS info structure – Purchasing – Part 2 The scope of the current document is limited to historical data update to user defined LIS table.You can thus use a mixture of fields from any document hierarchies.Sometimes the problem we get from customer just like a puzzle, no similar issue reported by other customer which can be taken as reference, no obvious clue we can grab for the logical analysis, customer has no idea about how does the problem happen therefore impossible to make debugging analysis.