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"He wasn't with his wife - he was with his mistress and he was buying her discount Swedish furniture." The guys often prank Murr by increasing the tip he writes on cheques at restaurants, so if he leaves they'll sneak a little 4 in there, and before you know it some lucky server is up.Sal says he'd do the same to Donald Trump if he had the chance, only y'know, with thousands of dollars instead.★★ Happy April Fools' Day ★★★★ Download for FREE while it lasts!

Well, Joe told us that during an IKEA prank, they filmed an excellent bit with a couple that will never, ever be shown on TV. "When it came time to release them so they could be on camera he said he had a great time but he couldnt sign because he was married," Joe told us.It was cut to three minutes on TV, but I was there for one hour and it was rough." Yeah, sure, but is it a Jaden Smith tattoo?But after playing tonsil tennis with a certain blonde haired hunk things got a little a scripted comedy series that shows tweens pulling pranks on unsuspecting people and posting the videos on their online channel.There's a fictional story written around these pranks, and it has the same problem other hidden-camera shows have, namely being a forum for having fun at an unsuspecting victim's expense.