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Fans flocked to Twitter following Monday night's episode accusing Troy of being a 'crybaby loser' and suggesting he was more suited to SBS comedy Housos than the renovation reality show.Another commented on Troy's treatment of partner Bec: 'Troy treats Bec like crap! 'Some fans felt the surprisingly low scores Troy and Bec had given to this week's home owners Sean and Ella last week gave their score of '4' a sense of just desserts.

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UPDATE June 2, 2010: CLICK HERE to read about Sonja’s Long Island DWI The socialite-in-the-making married Morgan, and had a daughter, Quincy, with him. Treasury was running out of gold (this was back when we were still on the gold standard), and J. Morgan helped the US secure the gold they needed through Wall Street, through a private syndicate.His focus now is maintaining the same level of commitment he displayed in his rookie year to score a playoff run with his teammates. How often do you incorporate it into your training regimen? Being with EXOS now, how important is it for you to take clean, all-natural supplements? On top of that, handle what you have to do on the field."I think that this year will be a very good year for the Giants," Beckham says. OBJ: I started to realize the importance of nutrition and the health very early actually and decided to take steps forward, putting myself and my body in the best position to compete. Those are things that can't be imitated or duplicated. If you handle what you need to do on the field, everything off the field will take care of itself.'So much strategy,' one viewer shared as another noted 'what goes around comes around' in reference to the low scores Troy and Bec handed out previously.Others felt Troy was showing an ugly side to his character that didn't belong on the show.