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Man B: I start with my fingertips until I'm as hard as I'll get and then use a full-hand hold until the end. None of that jackhammer powergrip that kills sensation.

I only rarely use lube because it's sort of a hassle.

I contend that the main reason for this is that for a woman sex is a fully-integrated experience of body, mind and soul, and since they are now being asked to separate those entities sex is becoming boring to them.

They're now seeing hugging, cuddling, romantic walks as real acts of love, and sex is really a physiological, biological endeavour.

For the sex addict, sexual activity provides an intense, intoxicating euphoria or “high” while lacking any genuine emotional connection, intimacy, or love. Once the high wears off, the vicious cycle starts all over again. It has a significant negative impact on his life and often causes a lot of shame and self-loathing.

The indicators of hypersexual disorders will vary to some degree depending on the individual.

While some people mistakenly think that hypersexual disorders and sex addiction merely refers to an unusually high sex drive, it is much more complex than that.

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We were making love at the time and it was such a soft answer and my heart skipped a beat. Man D: My domme, and the fact that I'm not allowed to have an orgasm. If I'm on my back, I will occasionally use two fingers to rub the frenulum.

More than once a day if I'm alone for extended periods of time and feeling depressed. Occasionally, I can just concentrate on the sensation of it and not have to think about anything else. Memories that are very romantic, such as when my proposal was accepted. Seriously though, I make a loose fist around the shaft and slide up and down adjusting the pressure where desired.

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