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It is also used extensively for online identification purposes. Every South Korean citizen within a month of their 17th birthday registers their fingerprint at the government local office and is issued the Resident Registration Card that contains their name, registration number, home address, fingerprint and picture.

The first six digits signify the person's date of birth; for example, a person born on September 1, 1946, such as former President Roh Moo-Hyun , would have 460901 as the first six digits of his RRN.

There is no charge for these programs and services, either to the companies or workers who use them.

The Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting System (USTAR) makes filing your Missouri unemployment tax reports easier than ever.

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League members removed from the community for flakiness or inactivity will have to pay a "re-admit fee." The pickier you are, the lower your odds of matching. Users who log in daily have a higher match rate, even after normalizing for popularity. After a series of unsuccessful equations to untangle these rules and determine my best course of action (my masters is in the arts, OK? The concierge's words are in my head the entire time: I go for drinks with the first guy I talk to. Along with that background, The League selects out Facebook friends and Linked In connections -- so you can trust your boss isn't going to see you in a bikini or holding a tequila shot.In the Republic of Korea, a 'resident registration number (RRN)' (Korean: 주민등록번호 (romanized: Jumin Deungrok Beonho), Hanja: 住民登錄番號) is a 13-digit number issued to all residents of South Korea regardless of nationality.Similar to national identification numbers in other countries, it is used to identify people in various private transactions such as banking and employment. military) receive an alien registration number upon registration with a city office, which serves as a substitute for the "resident" registration number on their alien registration card.A claimant, an employer, or a licensed attorney can file an appeal following unemployment benefits determination.The appeal process includes a hearing with the an Appeals Tribunal in which both parties have a chance to argue their case and present their evidence. The Shared Work Program is an alternative to layoffs for employers faced with a reduction in available work.