Six disadvantages to dating a sorority girl

Alma Mater: Babson, Duke, UPenn, SMUPros: He knows all your friends.Is as excited for the Met's Young Members party as you are.However, the price of membership can be one of the largest expenses in a college budget.At an average public institution, dues for a single semester can cost as much as 00., At the same university, students may pay around 00 per semester, for tuition.

And this includes only dues (both to the local chapter and to the national organizations) and insurance; there are many more incidental fees associated with being Greek, such as: These costs can add up quickly!

“During rush this year our rush chair was a NIGHTMARE,” Jackie said. We were all fined or so because she couldn't get her act together.” Jackie also had to dip into her purse when she and her sisters were forced to donate to charity or pay for unsold tickets to philanthropy events.

“She submitted our invite lists back late numerous times which resulted in penalty fees for my house. Also, she said, big-little week cost her hundreds of dollars on “stupid junk” for her little. If I had a genuine desire to rush, would I be forced to leave if I didn’t have the funds?

Even members of sororities recognize that it’s not all fun and games, and the downsides to being Greek sometimes prevail. Going Greek will cost you On top of tuition and fees, room and board, books and other costs associated with college (collegiettes know the list all too well), joining a sorority takes a monetary commitment.

One sorority sister, Jackie*, said these “hidden fees” were the biggest problem after joining.

Six disadvantages to dating a sorority girl