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If you are using a Freetronics Leo Stick or Arduino Leonardo-compatible board, please use D2 (SDA) and D3 (SCL).

No other pins on the Arduino are used by the module other than power and GND, so they are all available for connection to other devices in your projects.

is just as fun as having a conversation with one of your matches” explains the online magazine Tech Crunch.

Cerith Gardiner was born in London and has been living in Paris for 14 years.

If you are new to the world of Arduino, using the library will be simpler.

However if you enjoy working with I2C, wish to explore the DS3232 to the fullest, or you’re using a different development platform - the I2C commands will be necessary.

Molokai is the only Hawaiian island where you can visit one of several white sand beaches and have them all to yourself.

Hinge, a dating app that uses Facebook information to connect people, is going to launch an entirely new “relationship” app on October 11 for people who are interested in The company recognizes that swipe-type apps are almost like a game: “the swipe itself …

The module uses your Arduino or Eleven's analogue pins A4 and A5 for "I2C" serial communications with your sketch.

She spends her time working as an English consultant, acting as taxi driver to her four children, and wondering if she'll ever be as stylish as the French.

Ultra sale details: Discount applies to monthly subscription fees.

It’s located near Port Antonio on the remote east side of the island of Jamaica.

But, let’s be honest, most of these little digital dating pools are full of dates your mother would not approve of: guys who, well, probably aren’t looking for a serious commitment.(For those who are not au fait with modern dating practices, all you need to do is go on your choice of dating app, look at the profiles of contenders in your neighborhood who are free for a date, and if you like the look of them you swipe a certain way; if not, you move on to the next “lucky” candidate.) The CEO of Hinge, Justin Mc Leod explains that “most of the dating apps out there are games designed to keep you single, and swiping is the most iconic feature of these games.