Things to talk about when first dating

[Read: 14 signs you’re ruining your first date without even realizing it!] How to perfect your first date conversation A first date helps you judge the person you’re meeting, and evaluate them as a dating potential over the long term.Wear a cocktail dress when you meet him at the corner burger joint and you're saying you're confused or mildly unbalanced. Toward credit-card companies, parents, loan sharks or anyone else. The preferred posture here is one of mild regret, hard-earned wisdom and cool disinterest.Ask where you're going to meet, and if you're uncertain about the ambience, ask how dressy the place is. You wonder if he'd like to attend your cousin's wedding in Phoenix. When you tell a guy you're having money trouble, what the guy hears is, "She's looking for someone to bail her out." This isn't fair on the part of the guy, it might not be realistic, but it's what a guy hears. "We were headed in different directions" works, as does "I think I'm a different person now, interested in different things." Are those vague and murky?” I want to say (as politely as possible), “Someone who wouldn’t ask questions like that.” Instead, here are a few topics I’ve found spark great conversation… Otherwise, cover your bases — siblings, hobbies, pets, favorite travel destinations — until you hit common ground. Whether it’s a graphic novel, a magazine article or an interview with their favorite comedian, discussing things you’ve read is a great way to see what makes them tick. It could be anything from yodeling to deep sea diving, but everyone loves to talk about times when they shine. Asking your date to boast leads to them feeling great in your presence. If you had to be trapped inside one giant food, and the only way to escape was to eat your way out of it, which food would you choose?

While you shouldn’t pry about marriage and children, asking about his future plans can lead to a good conversation.

Those first dates are often sprinkled with uncertain pauses and looking around the restaurant to see if your food is coming.

It’s important to ask the right questions and talk about appropriate things.

We shared some innocuous details about our lives, number of siblings, reading tastes, that sort of thing. "If I give you my heart," she said, "would you take care of it?

We chatted, as men and women tend to do on first dates. She leaned closer to me, blinked her lovely brown eyes, which were now brimming with tears.