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Mac OS X v10.3 was the first major release of Apple's operating system to bundle Web Kit, although it had already been bundled with a minor release of 10.2.

According to Apple, some changes involved OS X-specific features (e.g., Objective-C, KWQ, Apple submitted their changes in large patches containing very many changes with inadequate documentation, often to do with future additions.

Your Mac then notifies you when the updates are ready to install.

simple way of getting this is by visiting ww.blackberryrocks.com/blackberry-os and trace a suitable OS from there. Click “Device”, then select “Backup and Restore”, once you are in it, click “advanced” and back up the settings you would to backup. Launch BBSAK again; make sure that your DM is not running in the background. “507 error” means your phone OS is corrupted or there isn’t one.

Before moving to further process, you should have everything you need to perform the installation by now. Only backup your calendar, service books, contact list, and contacts because if you are backing up other settings from the old device, when you load them onto the new OS, the extra old settings might not compatible with the new OS. To be sure that your phone is wiped clean, click “wipe device” again, the program will perform the same wiping process like the first time you did.

The recovery feature is the same with that in i Skysoft i Phone Data Recovery.

Note: If you have made a backup in i Tunes or i Cloud with the data lost afterward, you’ll 100% get the data back.