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(Contact us at [email protected] if you need us to check and confirm whether your Arc SDE password has expired.) Similarly, if you are unable to login to services like your e-mail, Windows domain logins, etc., that required the PID or HOKIES identity (respectively), you probably need to change those passwords.Below is a summary of the ways in which password changes affect Enterprise GIS users.Last year, I have struggled with the some problems with my enterprise geodatabase after my license expired.My environment is the following: My current licenses will expire after the 29th of September (so in 1,5 hours) but I have already a new license-file for the next year.

Whether through simultaneous multi-user editing, collecting and updating live data from the field, applying version control to ensure data changes are tracked and managed, or synchronising multiple databases across the enterprise.

Again, because many of you changed your passwords around the same time, there's likely to be an annual flurry of problems relating to password expiration in mid-summer. PID passwords, HOKIES domain passwords, and Oracle (Arc SDE) passwords, will expire . Some systems will notify you in advance of pending password expiration (HOKIES, PID), but others, notably Oracle, will not do this automatically.

If you are unable to login to Arc SDE from a previously working saved connection, there is a strong chance that your password has expired.

The multiuser geodatabase – which is a more current and descriptive term than Arc SDE – is a core part of the Arc GIS platform.

Rather than a stand-alone product, it is a technology within Arc GIS Server.